What is Violin Bow String Made Of?

One of the most important — and recognizable — portions of a violinist’s bow is the strings, or hair. Strung taut between the bow tip and the frog, the hair [...]

10 Best Gift Ideas for String Musicians

Have a friend who never travels without their violin? A son or daughter that practices cello late into the night? Or a family member who spends their weekends playing the [...]

How Do You Stop Bow Bugs?

They may not be welcome inside your instrument case, but these creatures aren’t known to wait for an invitation. Even string musicians who are diligent in taking care of their [...]

How to Tell if a Violin Bow is Good

You don’t want to just pull a violin bow off the first music store wall you look at and buy it. Choosing a new bow is an investment that requires [...]

What Size Violin Bow Do I Need?

There are several considerations that should go into choosing a violin bow: the material the bowstick is made of — brazilwood, carbon fiber, or pernambuco — weight, bow hair, and [...]

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