“You can get a great range of sounds and range of bow strokes out of a carbon fiber bow, without really changing anything about the way that you’re playing your instrument.”

David Auerbach, master violist and renowned teacher, performs with a CodaBow carbon fiber viola bow regularly, especially for outdoor performances. For the price point, he thinks CodaBow violin, viola, and cello bows are versatile, and good for everything needed for professional performances.

Mr. Auerbach recently shared his thoughts on CodaBow, speaking to the misconception that carbon fiber bows are not capable of producing the great range of sounds a wood pernambuco bow offers. He also stated how a CodaBow is nearly indestructible, yet still sounds great, and that he’s able to produce great sound quality without changing his play style.

Part of our carbon fiber violin, viola and cello bow review series, watch David Auerbach’s review of CodaBow.

About David Auerbach

A former member of the Minnesota Orchestra, David Auerbach has also served as principal violist of the Minnesota Opera Orchestra and performed with the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. Auerbach has also played stints with the Pittsburgh Symphony, which included a tour in Europe, and has been a regular guest with A Far Cry, a Boston-based chamber orchestra.

He completed his performance doctorate at Stony Brook University, and earned his master’s degree from The Juilliard School.

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As David Auerbach points out in the video, CodaBow offers similar quality to rival pernambuco bows, but at a more reasonable price point. Our carbon fiber violin, viola, and cello bows will satisfy all skill level and play style aspirations, with award-winnings designs tied to timeless pedagogy. Browse our collection of carbon fiber bows. You can also visit your local CodaBow dealer or request an in-home trial to experience our bows in the comfort of your home.

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