What makes the Marquise perform on a higher level than other bows? What gives the GS its unique, balanced response and supple string connection? The difference is in the design.

While retaining the Lifetime Technology and Xebony Frog solution standard on all CodaBows, the Marquise GS, and our other Marquise Models, feature a Natural Acoustic Core and Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Architecture that sets them apart from any other bow. This delivers a rich, natural tone and allows the players fingertips to sense the bows full-length dynamics and response.

Advanced players require an expressive, responsive bow that encourages mature musical performance and artistic expression. Weight under the hand and supple action allows for deeper string connection and increased sensitivity to the subtle commands of the right hand, thus opening up complex tonal color and artistry.

Read the full breakdown of these features below or compare with the Diamond GX by clicking here!

marquise gs brochure