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No matter your skill level — from student to concertmaster in a symphony — our bow makers work tirelessly to provide innovative carbon fiber bows that will elevate your performance. Ready to see how it works?

Mastering the Art of Violin Bow Care

The violin bow is a crucial component of every violinist's toolkit, allowing the musician to create beautiful melodies that captivate audiences worldwide. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and [...]

What Can I Use to Clean My Violin Bow?

Keeping your violin and bow clean are important, for maximizing sound and performance quality, and to keep both items in good working condition. However, you want to be mindful of [...]

Summer Music Camp Essentials for Violinists

Regardless of their age or experience level, music summer camps are about children having fun and getting the chance to improve their skills as violinists. However, it can become easy [...]

What Violin Case Accessories Should I Have?

There are so many distractions that interrupt our everyday living. From social media platforms to extracurricular activities, keeping up can be stressful. Whether you are the parent of a musician [...]

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