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No matter your skill level — from student to concertmaster in a symphony — our bow makers work tirelessly to provide innovative carbon fiber bows that will elevate your performance. Ready to see how it works?

9 Effective Hand Exercises for Violin Players

Whether you are a developing, intermediate or advanced player, good dexterity in the fingers and accurate bow hand placement are critical for violinists. This is because string players rely on [...]

Sound SOS: Why Does My Violin Sound Scratchy?

Violins are supposed to sound smooth and elegant, not scratchy and rough. When you experience scratchy playing, it can be frustrating and disheartening. But you aren’t doomed to scratching and [...]

David Auerbach Reviews CodaBow

"You can get a great range of sounds and range of bow strokes out of a carbon fiber bow, without really changing anything about the way that you’re playing your [...]

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Want to play with an award-winning bow? CodaBow, pioneer of the carbon fiber violin, viola and cello bow, features intentional designs that are tied to timeless pedagogy.

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