Practicing your instrument regularly, often daily, is necessary to maintain and improve your skill over time. But when you have a daily practice for your instrument, what you’ve practiced, what you need to work on next, and the feedback you’ve received from teachers can all become a giant blur.

A practice journal offers a solution. Like a personal journal, your practice journal can help you track habits and progress, difficulties and successes, and your instruments. Learn all about practice journals, as well as ideas for how to start your own.

What Is a Music Practice Journal?

A music practice journal is where you can record notes about your practice sessions. Your practice journal is a personalized, private recording of your musical journey that gives you a space to reflect, set goals, and keep track of feedback. Your music practice journal can be anything that you want.

What Are the Benefits of a Practice Journal?

Playing an instrument can be a lifelong habit whether you play professionally or as a hobby. When you keep a practice journal, you can track your progress over time. It can help you stay organized and reflect on growth opportunities. As you continue to grow as a musician, you can review your old notes and journals to see how much you have improved over time – or the bad habits you’ve kept through the years!

How to Keep a Practice Journal

Your practice journal is profoundly personal and may not look anything like that of your peers. That’s okay! But here are a few music practice journal ideas and tips to kickstart your imagination.

1. Pick a medium.

Your journal can be a physical notebook in your instrument case or practice room if you’d like. Your practice journal doesn’t have to be an actual journal, though. It just has to be something that you’re willing to use. Your practice journal could be a spreadsheet, a document on your computer, the notepad app on your phone, or anything else you’re willing to keep up with.

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2. Note your goals before your practice session.

Dedicating each practice session to a specific goal and approaching it with intention can keep you focused. It also provides precise data for you to measure your growth in the future.

3. Track your instruments and equipment.

If you have multiple instruments or gear, you can use your practice journal to track your use of them. For example, if you play violin and have several different types of bows, such as the variation offered by CodaBow, you can use your practice journal to record which ones you practice with and how they perform. 

4. Keep track of pieces or exercises.

Another way to use your practice journal is to track the pieces and exercises you work on. You can note specific measures that give you trouble, your wins, and sections you want to work on in your next practice session. 

5. Record feedback and notes from your teacher.

Sometimes, feedback and lesson notes from an instructor go in one ear and out the other. You may reflect later in the day, thinking, “What was it they said again?” If you work with a teacher or play in a group, you can use your practice journal to make notes of their feedback.

6. Track your habits.

Some people use journals to track certain habits, like how much water they drink daily or following an exercise routine. Your music practice journal can serve in the same way! Track habits such as your warmup routines, technique exercises, performances, rehearsals, and even your physical and mental health as it pertains to your practice.

7. Record reflections.

After you finish your practice session, your practice journal can be a place to reflect. Consider reflecting on:

  • What went well? 
  • What could have been better? 
  • What do you want to practice next time? 
  • How are you working towards your long-term goals?
  • Make notes for your future self and future practices that you can review.

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