Until the last 20 years or so, quality bow options were rather limited for string musicians. Pernambuco wood bows were the industry standard for centuries, but due to overharvesting and their increasingly prohibitive cost, in contrast to advances in carbon fiber technology, premium bow choices are now widely available which don’t require pernambuco.

“It’s really nice to not have to worry about playing an outdoor wedding and having my bow fall apart,” said Olivia Diercks, cellist for The OK Factor who uses a carbon fiber bow.

A new-classical crossover duo that’s based in Minneapolis, The OK Factor features Diercks with violinist Karla Colahan. The pair tour and play extensively, and are active in community outreach, including teaching and participating in music education workshops. As a result, they frequently perform using carbon fiber bows from CodaBow that meet their playstyle needs and are nearly indestructible.

Colahan has a diverse skillset and musical background, ranging from Western classical traditional arrangements to folk music and original compositions.

“I need something that is a little bit more spunky — in all the right ways,” she said of her requirements for a violin bow.

What Are Some Advantages of a Carbon Fiber Violin or Cello Bow?

Compared to pernambuco wood bows, carbon fiber bows:

high quality carbon fiber bows
  • Are more affordable, without sacrificing quality
  • Do not contain monitored, regulated or endangered species, making them easy to travel with and play abroad
  • Are nearly indestructible; carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel, twice as tough, and it weighs less
  • Withstand the elements, do not change or warp as a result of temperature or humidity, and they are ideal for outdoor performances

“I needed something that’s lighter weight, but still gives kind of a bite to the sound,” Diercks said of her carbon fiber cello bow. “It allows me kind of the dexterity that I need, and flexibility.”

Hear The OK Factor Perform Using CodaBows

Are Carbon Fiber Violin and Cello Bows Worth It?

High-quality carbon fiber is a suitable option for violinists and cellists of all skill levels, particularly if they want a more durable, affordable bow that’s going to provide consistency while meeting their needs playing outdoors. Pioneer of the carbon fiber bow for violin, viola, and cello, CodaBow offers a range of award-winning bows — many of which are used by advanced and professional string musicians across the world.

Experience All the Benefits of a Carbon Fiber Bow

Advance your playing with one of CodaBow’s carbon fiber bows. Our collection boasts high-quality options for violinists and cellists of all skill levels, regardless of playstyle.

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