Regardless of their age or experience level, music summer camps are about children having fun and getting the chance to improve their skills as violinists. However, it can become easy for a child to get distracted from achieving those goals if they aren’t packed with the right items beforehand.

This checklist will help make sure you send your developing violinist to their next music camp with all the essentials covered.

Orchestra Summer Camp Essentials

Part of how much you should help your child pack for depends on how long their camp term lasts, but there are certain items that need to go with them, no matter what. Those essentials include:

  • Violin. Check with your child to make sure their violin is in good working condition before departing for camp so you have time to address any potential repairs that may be required. Some students stash their instruments for summer break, so it may have been a bit since your child last pulled out their violin.
  • Violin bow. What’s the condition of your child’s bow? Does it need to be rehaired? Rehairing needs done approximately twice per year.
  • Violin case. Make sure the case is in good working order with no cracks, breaks or bow bugs inside.
  • At least one set of extra strings. Regardless of how long music camp lasts, send your violinist off with at least one complete set of replacement strings. Having multiple E strings, which are the most common to break, is recommended.
  • Rosin. This detail is small and easy to overlook, but it’s important for plenty of rosin to be in the case.
  • Chin rest. Summers tend to get hot and humid, and you don’t want your child’s violin slipping off their chin or shoulder.
  • Tuner. This is helpful to have during practice or rehearsal time.
  • Duster cloth. Rosin can get messy, but it’s nothing a duster cloth can’t clean up.
  • Outfits. Access to laundry is rare for campers. Children should have at least one change of clothes for each day they are at camp. Clothes for swimming, extra socks and underwear, plus gear for potential rain are recommended.
  • Pencils. Lead won’t smear like ink, plus it’s erasable.
  • Snacks. Whether camp meals are good or bad, having some individually wrapped snacks is always smart, especially if your child is diabetic or has other specialized nutritional needs.
  • Sunscreen, medication, and toiletries. From avoiding sunburns to having eye drops, having your child fully equipped for the elements and anything ailing them is critical.
  • Spending money. Having a little cash on hand can make a big difference if there’s an emergency.

Other Essentials for Music Camp

Some camps are more inclusive than others, meaning they might have more gear and amenities on hand for campers to use. We recommend checking your child’s camp website to learn more, and don’t be afraid to call or email if you have questions the website doesn’t answer clearly.

If you can’t find mention of the items listed below, you may also want to send the following to camp with your violinist:

  • Music stand. Some camps will have stands available in more than just performance areas, others won’t. For practicing, your child may need a music stand sent to camp with them. We recommend using one that folds up and is easily portable.
  • Violin mute. This item may not be necessary, but it could come in handy for group performances.
  • Water bottle. Has anyone ever regretted having a water bottle?
  • A couple books or magazines. Regardless of how social your child tends to be, there’s almost always some downtime to account for.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE). COVID-19 has changed how people interact with each other indefinitely, and having access to personal protective equipment may be required or desired.
  • Nail clippers. If music camp runs for more than a couple days, this item is essential. The length of fingernails, especially if any of them are uneven in length or starting to snag on surfaces, can seriously impact a violinist’s performance.

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