There are so many distractions that interrupt our everyday living. From social media platforms to extracurricular activities, keeping up can be stressful. Whether you are the parent of a musician who frequently forgets important items or a developing violinist, a lot of trouble and stress can be avoided with good organization. By keeping essential accessories stocked in the violin case, rest easy knowing everything that’s needed is always within arm’s grasp, making it simpler to focus on giving a great performance.

Read on to see what accessories should be kept in a violin case, and how improved organization and having the right items on hand can aid musical development.

Essential Items for Every Violin Case

All violin cases should contain the following accessories:

  • Violin bow. While having a bow is a requirement, it’s sometimes a good idea to keep a second bow in the violin case so that if the bow hair breaks a backup is handy.
  • Chin rest. This tool does more than provide stability, it gives violinists the ability to perform more advanced bow techniques using their left hand.
  • Rosin. This is needed for friction, which allows the bow to grip the violin strings. Rosin often lasts a long time, but it’s important to replace it at least once every two years so it can ensure you’re performing your best with the best possible equipment.
  • Extra strings. Keep at least one extra set of strings on hand at all times. The E string is usually first to go, so it’s not a bad idea to keep two or more extra E strings in the violin case.
  • Pencils. Mark up sheet music and take notes while having the ability to erase.
  • Sheet music. Some violinists prefer digital sheet music but you never have to worry about technical issues when going analog.
  • Duster cloth. Rosin can leave a mess, making it necessary to keep a cloth on hand to clean up.

Optional Items Worth Keeping Handy

Violin mutes and digital recorders are also helpful accessories to keep stowed in a violin case.

Violin mutes, good for reducing the sound a violin produces or changing the timbre, attach to the bridge of a violin and they are typically made of metal, ebony, or metal with rubber on the outside. Options including rubber tend to be the most cost-effective. From practicing at lower volumes to performing in a school orchestra, violin mutes can deliver big results.

Digital recorders are small and can easily be stowed in a violin case. Many recorders are inexpensive, and they are helpful, low-tech options that can pay dividends during practice or rehearsal sessions. Record key parts, then play back later to discover opportunities for improvement.

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Violin Case Accessories That Show Character

Keeping a violin case tidy and stocked is helpful, but it’s also fun to stash some character in there. Many violinists prefer keeping a few personal items, such as photographs or even correspondence with friends, family or loved ones in their case. Some violinists stock practical items, like nail clippers and ibuprofen. Whatever your preferences, take enjoyment from your violin case and the personalization of accessories within.

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