When you’re playing a challenging, intense set in front of an audience or are performing outside and worried about the weather or humidity, the last thing you want to fret over is whether your violin bow can withstand the tough conditions. But what if there’s an option that can hold up and also sound as great as any other violin bow on the market?

That’s where carbon fiber bows come in.

Like many wooden bows, not all carbon fiber bows offer superior sound and quality. However, when you play the right one, carbon fiber bows offer good quality and sound, especially for advanced players and professionals who want a durable option that won’t be negatively impacted by weather or humidity.

Pro Violinist Jessy Green Reviews Carbon Fiber vs. Wood Bows

A classically trained violinist who’s best known for her rock and roll collaborations, Jessy Greene has performed with the Foo Fighters, P!nk, Post Malone, Dessa, Atmosphere, RZA and other popular acts. Greene also performs and records sound healing music that’s rooted in ambient meditation with high-vibrational melodies. Hear her play, and get her thoughts as she reviews the quality of CodaBow and carbon fiber versus wood violin bows.

“I have used carbon fiber before, and they were not as good as my wooden bow. When I first tried the CodaBows, I was like ‘wow, this is comparable to my super expensive wooden bow.’”

For generations, pernambuco wood was widely considered the best violin bow material. While it’s still desirable, it’s become increasingly expensive and is now endangered while carbon fiber bows from leading brands such as CodaBow have proven there’s alternatives which offer superior sound quality and are suitable for a range of playing needs.

high quality carbon fiber bows

With carbon fiber, you don’t have to worry about temperature or humidity warping or otherwise affecting your bow, plus they’re nearly indestructible. In addition to holding up to extreme conditions, carbon fiber bows are lightweight, and they offer great balance and a crisp tone.

“It’s an incredible tool to expand your horizons, and to figure out ‘oh, I like playing this way’ or ‘I don’t like playing this way,’ or ‘this has too much bounce’ or whatever, and then you can kind of figure it out and you can work around that,” Greene said of playing with a CodaBow.

Don’t Settle. Play With a Bow That Suits You

Whether you’re a professional like Jessy Greene or a developing violinist, CodaBow has award-winning carbon fiber bows that will suit your skill level and play style so that you can always give your best performance.

Check out our master-level violin bows or explore the whole collection to find your next musical companion. For your convenience, CodaBow offers an in-home trial so you can try our bows from the comfort of your home or you can visit your local CodaBow dealer.

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